4 Reasons I Love to Travel Solo (Now)

To travel solo

Earlier I wrote about solo travel and the bad impression it had had on me. I had decided to stick to traveling with friends, under the impression that solo travel just isn’t for me. Then I was forced to travel solo. I was fascinated by the Muslim history of Spain, and wanted to go down to Andalucía to see it for myself. When I couldn’t find anybody to go with me, I bit the bullet and decided to travel solo. This time, I learned a couple things!


Solo travel will give you a major confidence boost. The ability to go to a foreign place (especially one that speaks a foreign language), make your way around, see what you want to see, enjoy yourself, and not get stressed out is a big deal. To be completely independent and succeed in solo travel is something that not everybody can accomplish.

Stress free

One of the issues with travel companions is when you realize it’s not the right fit. You’ll be in the middle of a trip and you’re stuck together until the trip is over. That can get really stressful, especially if tensions are high and you just can’t get away from each other to cool off. With solo travel, you’re not stuck with a bad match. It’s just me, myself, and I. Don’t worry about compromising your time doing things your travel buddy wants to do and not getting your own goals finished. It’s all on you!


Expanding on that last point, you can do whatever you want! Hike that mountain? Eat at that restaurant? See that monument? You don’t have to ask your travel buddy for permission, or hope that they’re okay doing something solo for a while. You have complete control of your trip, with nobody to check in on or feel responsible for.

It’s personal

Solo travel allows you to have a more personal experience with the place you’re visiting. Instead of being distracted by a travel buddy, you’re able to soak in a place, and really capture it. You can feel yourself truly immerse in a destination, instead of spending time talking with a friend about the drama happening in your lives or what’s going on back at work. Your everyday life can melt away when you travel solo – all there is is you and your experiences.


  1. So glad you finally experienced the positive side of traveling solo! I especially like the freedom and the lack of pressure to do any specific thing. Thanks for sharing your insights, enjoyed the read.

  2. I love reading solo travel posts even though I’ve never traveled solo, myself. I feel like the experience will be so liberating and your insights just fuel my desire to try it more. Gaining confidence and freedom whilst doing something so personal, sounds lovely.

  3. I love both. I’ve solo traveled and I’ve traveled with friends. It’s nice to be able to go back and forth experience traveling by yourself one trip and then traveling with friends or significant other on another trip. I agree with all your points about solo travel, especially about being able to follow your own plans – it’s nice not to have to compromise!

  4. Traveling sol is a great opportunity to travel inwards and introspect and understand oneself better. It is a great experience to enjoy and savour every moment.

  5. There are so many positives to traveling solo, and you covered them perfectly. I know so many people who are afraid to venture out alone but once they do, they wouldn’t have it any other way.

  6. I am the same, I love to travel by myself. This is the only way I can do whatever I want and I don’t have to be stressed or have to change my schedule because of others. I know that I will always meet people on the way so even if I travel solo I will no be alone 🙂

  7. Hi Jamie,

    Traveling solo rocks.

    I love traveling with wifey but freedom is a huge factor.

    Being free to do what you want to do, whenever you want to do it. Those are biggies with me.

    Short and sweet post, well done 😉


  8. Traveling solo is the BEST! i have never learned more about myself and made great friends in such a short amount of time when I traveled across the world to Asia. It was one of my best memories… I’m married now, so solo travel may be a thing of the past, but I sure do treasure those memories. I recommend to anyone that is in the position to travel solo at least once to a far off place and watch the adventure unfold in front of you..

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