How to Find English Speaking Jobs in Spain

How to find English Speaking Jobs in Spain

Spain is a great place to find English speaking jobs, mostly due to the recent shift by the government to stick native English speakers in public schools. The world is changing around them, so Spaniards are learning English in order to get better jobs, both at home and abroad. It’s really, really common to find English speaking jobs in Spain. Absurdly common.

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So yes, your dream to find English speaking jobs in Spain is totally realistic! While abroad, you’ll find that while children in school usually don’t like learning English (let’s be real, you and I both know exactly what I’m talking about!), adults are taking time out of their lives to meet with native speakers and practice their English. So why not get paid to do it, huh? The state of the Spanish economy dragging down the price of pretty much anything, mixed with the economic value of you having a skill that you can’t learn or buy (you can only be born into being a native English speaker!), means that some may pay a pretty penny (compared to the Spanish economy, not the American) for just simple conversations.

Teaching Jobs in Spain

By far one of the most popular ways to find work in Spain is by teaching English. There are literally thousands, if not millions, of expats all over the world using teaching English abroad as their way to see the world, in Spain and elsewhere, and I absolutely can’t blame them! While there are lots of options to buff up a resume for teaching English abroad, like TEFL, TESOL, and others that are basically the same idea, you really don’t even need to get certified to land a teaching job in Spain, depending on what you’re looking to accomplish.

For example, if you’re super into the idea of flying by the seat of your pants and heading abroad with every intention of just finding work when you get there, you might want some sort of certification. While nothing can replace a native English speaker, they’re a dime a dozen - they’re all doing the same exact thing that you are. You might want some sort of paperwork to show off how much better of a teacher you are. You’ll be competing with other teachers with experience and connections, which, if you’ve gone on any job hunt ever, you know how much that sucks. You can think of these certifications as a college degree - it just kind of bumps up your respect a little more, you know?

These certifications also help you figure out what you’re actually doing; many students want you to provide a more structured lesson or procure games and activities to help them learn. I spared a couple hundred dollars for an online TESOL certification and learned a couple tricks; it wasn’t a 200 hour sit-down course, but it was better than nothing at all!

However, if you’re looking for a bit more structure and stability while on the hunt for teaching jobs in Spain, there are plenty of opportunities for you, too! Do a little snooping and you can find an organization that wants to hire you for a semester, a school year, a summer break...all sorts! These opportunities have different requirements, depending on what you’re looking for. I’d suggest going in with a Bachelor’s degree; it doesn’t matter what it’s in, just that you’ve got it. I told you, it’s just like any other job search! Other than that, your native language will probably suffice.

Other English Speaking Jobs in Madrid

While finding a job teaching English in a public school, private school, or as a private tutor are highly sought-after, easy to find, and easy to land, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people just aren’t the most talented when it comes to language. Hey, even if you are good with languages, it still may not be a good fit, and that’s okay. I’m definitely a left-side-of-the-brain individual, but it really, really isn’t an inspiring job for me. So besides teaching English, how do you find other English speaking jobs? Well, international cities like Madrid are a good start.

If you’ve heard stories about travelers from back in the day who inspired all of their friends by moving abroad and working in some shop, or maybe found a small-town farmer that needed help feeding and riding their horses, you know exactly what to do. You can find all sorts of normal, run of the mill jobs without being fluent in Spanish, especially in more international cities like Madrid. If you want to get really immersed and live in a more rural town, you’re going to need some Spanish, but you’ll survive just fine in bigger cities where English speakers are all over the place - where there are other expats, there are English speaking jobs!

Again, you can do a lot of snooping yourself to find a job that sounds good for you, and that can take a lot of time. There are a lot of options out there, and, honestly, finding the job itself is only the beginning. Then you have to worry about Visas, transportation, learning at least some Survival Spanish, etc. But we wanna live the dream, right?

Work in Madrid: Find Jobs in Madrid for English Speakers

If you are at all familiar with my blog, you now that I’m insanely experienced when it comes to working in Madrid, after my stint teaching English in Madrid for a school year. There are literally thousands of opportunities for native English speakers to teach English all over the country, and even the world. Once you have an idea of where you're looking to go, it's time to dive in to the internet and see what kind of opportunities there are waiting for you.

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