Language Learning is Hard! The Ultimate Guide

So you want to learn a foreign language. That’s a seriously awesome endeavor, and I commend you for it! For real though, there are literally zero reasons not to learn another language.

Okay fine. There is one. One tiny, insignificant reason to not learn a language.

Language learning is hard

It’s hard.

And you know what? Lots of people will let that teeny tiny little fact stop them from pursuing their dreams of being a world-class language learner. But you won’t. I know you won’t. You wanna know how I know?

You’ve got me.

I know every side of the language learning struggle. I’ve been at this stuff for years, and you know how far I’ve gotten? Not nearly as far as I’d like. But you know what I have done?

...but so, so worth it!

Language learning is life-changing. It can move you to the other side of the world. It can create relationships that otherwise would have never existed. It can get you out of tough situations. It can get you an amazing job, make you more money, and even make you smarter.

Basically, learning another language is a super power.

So, so what if it gets hard sometimes? So what if you have to learn new vocabulary, new grammar, even new alphabets (depending on your foreign language of choice)? All that stuff is one and done, and you know what?

I’m right there with you.

I’m learning right by you. I get to the point sometimes where I look at a word or phrase or sentence and say “welp, I haven’t checked Facebook in a while!”. I do, and I’m not afraid to admit it. You know what I also do? I get right back to it and I conquer it. And you know what I also also do? I write about it. I explain the hardest concepts in my language learning journey because it helps me to learn them, too. Like when I had to learn the Spanish past tense. Yeah, that crap is hard the first time you stick your face in it! But you know what the important thing is? That you stick your face in it at all, because you can’t conquer anything if you don’t even try.

Don’t worry, kid, I got your back. I like to write about the hard stuff. It’s interesting. And I like to write about the actual interesting stuff, too. I like to write about, for example, the weird, random rules that come with Spanish numbers.

Culture's important, too!

Of course, I can’t forget the most important part of this blog (to me). Crashed Culture’s namesake, its humble beginnings. Culture. The one thing that goes hand-in-hand with language (well, maybe besides food). Culture creates language which creates culture. Yeah, I write about that too.

And really, the culture corner of this blog is where things go saucy! I mean hey, I’m brutally honest. I’ll talk about the negatives, like the things I don’t like about Spanish culture. And more things I don’t like. But the important thing is that I keep it level. I also yammer on about what I love about Spanish culture. And more things I love, too! Because the thing that we as a people, as language learners, need to know about languages and cultures and other places with other people who are sometimes really different from us is that there are pros and cons to everything. There’s the beauty of Córdoba, Spain, and then there’s the controversy of bullfighting. Because you know what? Nothing, nobody is perfect. Sorry kid, but I keep it honest here

What’s THE most important thing to understand about language learning? You are just as capable as that polyglot you follow online. Because it’s not about skills that we walk out of the womb with, it’s about skills that we work for and earn. Skills that you have just as many rights to as anybody else.


  1. Jamie that culture add is key; publish a post about SE Asian culture today for that very reason. We think in terms of language barriers but it’s key to be as aware of cultural barriers when going to new areas. Big differences can make for…..shock! LOL… post.


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