Language Learning Goals: November 2016

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Language learning goals: November 2016

It’s the beginning of a new month, so it’s time for us to be rearranging our language learning goals and accomplishments and all that jazz.

While I did have language learning goals for October, I didn’t really commit myself to them, and so I fell off with every obstacle I faced. I didn’t hold myself accountable. I didn’t tell anybody. So now I am, just like you should, as well. Map out your language learning goals. Chop them up into daily or weekly chunks. Make them easy to swallow. I’ll even help!

Once a month, when I post my own monthly language learning goals, my subscribers will receive a language learning calendar which will easily break up all their huge, frightening, horrifying, impossible goals into tiny, manageable, “psh I can do this!” ones. Starting this month!

READING: one chapter of Los Juegos del Hambre a week

Alright, may as well jump right in to this one: I am so ridiculously guilty of not reading in Spanish. I’ve bought books, I’ve really intended to do it, but always just…fall short. Yeah, I know. I’ve done a little research on reading in your target language, and it seems like a no-brainer, honestly. It seems to be kind of like faux-immersion, if you do it right. This means instead of stopping every time you come across a word you don’t know, go on with the sentence and try to figure it out with context clues!

That being said, I’ve got Los Juegos del Hambre (The Hunger Games in Spanish) in my hand. I read the book years ago, so I know the basic idea of what happens. I should be able to figure everything out (albeit slowly) and learn some new vocab in a real-world context.

WRITING: one writing prompt a day

A quick little Google search got me some easy writing prompts for Spanish 1. I know, I know, after living in Spain for 9 months I should be a little more advanced than basic Spanish, right? Well, I am. The problem is, every time I try to get back into this, I get overwhelmed because I reach too high. When I reach too high, I get disappointed in myself and give up. Not this time! This time, I’m going to forgive myself for things that I may have forgotten, and at the very least begin thinking in Spanish regularly again.

And while writing in your target language is important, it’s just as important to get your work corrected. The ease at which you write in your target language is great, but if you teach yourself to make mistakes, you’re not helping yourself.

LISTENING: Watch an episode of Spanish TV every day

Ugh, this one’s rough for me. I have a really hard time getting into TV. Not only that, but there are so many cheesy Spanish shows (just as many as there are cheesy English shows, I suppose), it’s so hard to find one I actually want to watch! While my opinion is perfectly valid, it also just becomes an excuse. And that just hurts me in the end. No more excuses!

On November 1st, I will start with El Secreterio. Will I like it? Who knows, but I have to push past my impatience and give it the ol’ college try. If not, there are all sorts of shows available online, so there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be able to find something I like!

SPEAKING: Verbling twice a week

Talking to a native through Verbling is the hardest of all, as I’m sure you guys know. This is what really breaks my brain. Although I do really love speaking Spanish and feeling like I can communicate effectively, this takes a lot of energy. Therefore, I’ll only set a goal of twice a week. I won’t go too hard on myself.

What about you?

Now I hand it over to you. It’s important to start off with tangible, doable goals. What are your language learning goals?


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