3 Ways to be more European

How to be more European

As I’ve returned back to the United States from Europe, I’ve noticed some lifestyle changes that occurred in Europe that I want to bring back. While there are plenty of things I don’t like about the Spanish culture, there are plenty of cultural differences I love that I don’t necessarily have to leave in Spain. I can be a European no matter where I am!

Be active

The American culture is so inactive that getting exercise is a trendy hobby! I’d attempted to be more physically active time and time again, but always got so bored. However, moving to Spain and living as a European forced me to be more active and showed me a lifestyle that I can’t leave behind. You know the whole “60 minutes of activity a day” scheme? Do it! Ever since coming home from Europe, I go on an hour walk every morning; it’s not much, but believe me when I say it’s all it takes.

Dress well

I’ve touched on this before: Europeans are incredibly well-dressed, and that definitely rubbed off on me. I make an effort to wear a skirt and flats when I can, instead of going back into my everyday jeans and tank top look I used to wear. It’s not nearly as commonplace in America, so it does give me a little confidence boost, knowing that I present myself better than a lot of people around me.

Find other travelers

While living in Spain, I got to talking more to friends, and even mutual friends, that I hadn’t ever really spoken with before. Europe is a great mutual interest to have, and one of my favorite things to talk about is differences in culture – between American culture, Spanish culture, European culture in general, or even another culture that I’m not as familiar with. When I talk to these friends, it helps keep me connected with the things that I don’t want to just forget about now that I’ve left Spain.


  1. Interesting you say they dress well because Carrbiean Latino cultures also dress super well too! And the being active thing is so hard in America! It’s almost like the want us fat

  2. Being active is so true! Living in Japan for a long time, we are active on a daily basis so going to the gym is not as popular as it is in the United States.

  3. All of these are spot on! I’ve never even lived in Wirope but through my travels these are exactly right! When I’m in Europe I love to all everywhere but At home it’s anything but

  4. I am European, but I think Britain could do with learning a few of these from our continental neighbours, especially the one about dressing well. I love the way that European women look so effortlessly stylish.

  5. Hi Jamie,

    After returning to the US post 2 month trip to Cyprus and the European side of Istanbul, amen to this post!

    I am always active anywhere on earth but am dressing better than my Slobbing From Paradise days and meet new travelers here and cyber-wise, commenting on every freaking post in the We Travel We Blog tribe LOL.

    Love these insights.


    PS….I do have to draw the line at tight Euro jeans for men, fashion-wise.

  6. The clothing thing is SO true. But not just in Spain. I think just about every country takes more pride in their clothing and appearance than Americans do. I remember a coworker of mine in Korea being shocked when our boss asked him to iron his shirt lololol

    • HA! Yeahhhh it’s not hard to be well-dressed compared to Americans. I do feel like Spain is particularly fashionable, though! Walking around downtown Madrid, you’d have to be a model to fit in!

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